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  • Rommel Bezerra de Andrade

GMOs Are Safe!

According to a report recently published by the National Academies of Sciences (see News), the much publicized negative comments regarding GMOs are not substantiated by extensive research conducted from more than 1,000 studies and other evidence thoroughly analyzed from various sources. Actually, why should we expect that genome editing should be much different than grafting? In the end, the changes occur at the plants realm and they are not injected with any artificial ingredients. Obviously,

the nay-sayers are quick to criticize the study, pointing that GMOs do not show a significant increase in yield. The conclusions of the report are basically that GMO

s are safe to to eat and do not cause environmental problems. As stated by Wayne Parrot, a respected Professor from the University of Georgia, "The inescapable conclusion is the G.E. crops are pretty much just crops. They are not the panacea that some proponents claim, nor the dreaded monsters that others claim."

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