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A Not So Green Manifesto:
  1. Although we understand and respect the good intentions of the so-called environmentalists, we believe that their actions are often misguided. It seems that the "green" initiatives are intended to protect the Earth, but some of their consequences will reflect negatively on humankind. Protecting the environment is a commendable goal, to humans, but we the plants do not see humans as the center of the world.

  2. Global warming is not necessarily bad to us plants, much to the contrary. The planet has warmed up quite a bit in the past and that has helped us to evolve, diversify and spread out.

  3. Humans over-population continues to be a serious threat to all of us on Earth, as it forces the humans to take more and more of finite natural resources.

  4. Water depletion, caused primarily by misuse, can and will cause much disruption to the existing balance of living organisms.

  5. Humans must learn a lot more about plants in order to improve and extend their own lives. Knowledge of plants biology must be widespread.

  6. All nations should conduct large scale programs of planting trees suitable to their own climates, in order to improve the well being of its inhabitants.

  7. Humankind must change the focus of protein intake from animal to plant based.

  8. Humans must find a way to coexist with plants or they will disappear.

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