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  • Rommel Bezerra de Andrade

Human superiority is a delusion.


We-the-plants get our food directly from light and the soil, without killing any other organisms. We have two ways of reproduction: sexual (male and female, via seeds and pollination) and asexual, via spores. Plus, some of us also reproduce without sex, just by re-growing ourselves from our own parts. We are multicellular and modular, without the need for individual organs, which gives many of us the ability to regenerate after most of the body had been eaten or destroyed. (3) Mammals, fish and birds need two metabolic systems: a skeleton and a circulatory system to carry water and nutrients. Trees, on the other hand, use xylem and phloem for those purposes and also for transmitting critical information for survival and replication. Humans have only five senses, while we possess more than twenty, some of them just unthinkable for the "superior" beings.

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