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Earth-Friendly! aims to educate humankind about the environment from the plants point of view. Through the unique ability of carrying out photosynthesis, which started with our ancestors, the cyanobacteria, about 1.2 billion years ago, plants provide humans  oxygen, food, clothing, shelter, energy, building materials, tools, paper, medication and various other benefits to humankind. Plants allowed for the development of transportation (boats and the wheel!) Without plants there would be no civilization or culture.

Look around  you. Pay attention to the subtle ways that plants affect your life. Please try to learn how to cooperate with all living organisms, just like plants are doing for millions of years, with much success.

Responsive, intelligent and Interactive to
everything, organic or not.
Read our blog and comment. This is an ongoing and long-term project.
Plants and you:
No plants, no future.
Humans must learn to co-exist with plants and let them help make our lives better.
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