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  • Rommel Bezerra de Andrade

Sustainability or Else...

From a post on LinkedIn Pulse by Suzy Welch, we recently learned that humankind is currently raising about 65 Billion (!!!) farm animals each year (U.N. figures) and that creates about 18% of all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is about 40% more than ALL the world's cars, boats, planes and trains combined. This makes no sense and simply means that humans must develop a plant based food supply capable of providing enough food for the expected 9 Billion people living on Earth by 2050 or we will end up poisoning the whole world in order to satisfy our hunger for meat. New techniques are already being developed that provide the same taste of meat on plant based food and that could be the long-term answer. Again, learning to work with plants can prevent a lot of the environmental damage caused by raising animals, besides avoiding their unnecessary suffering. Have you

ever seen or heard a pig going to the slaughter house? They know...

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